DISITOFY sinful objects for everyday life is the concept for an online shop inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s Die sieben Todsünden der Kleinbürger to increase the fun factor when commiting a sin. It was started in 2020 by Julia Grevenkamp as an ongoing art project that plays with the construct of a lifestyle brand with a focus on everyday objects at the interface of theatre, art and everyday life. 
The artist reworks materials and combines existing theatrical and everyday elements to create uniquely designed pieces. The products are carefully handcrafted as limited editions or unique pieces in Vienna, Austria.

DISITOFY – products… 
… are black, white, coloured, maybe transparent, there is something for everyone.
… have at least one eye-catching element.
… are useful or pretend to be useful.
… are sometimes simply beautiful.
… have a past and a future.
… will not always correspond to the buyer’s expectations. 
… are handmade or finished in Vienna.*

*DISITOFY – philosophy
We pay attention to a transparent production process and in the long term we strive to manufacture all products in a resource-saving and environmentally friendly way. It is an ongoing and growing process to ensure this for all products.
In the first collection (Spring/Summer 2020) many of the materials used were leftover fabrics from theatre productions such as costume pieces or theatre curtains. Wherever new products were consumed or external production was commissioned, we worked together with local companies and dealers.

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